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With the most innovative and unique ideas we provide branding solutions for your business to pitch its sale and profits. We are committed to developing unique ideas and strategies at every level.


01. Creativity.

With the most innovative and unique ideas we provide branding solutions for your business to pitch its sale and profits. We are committed to developing unique ideas and strategies at every level.


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Our team of experts are highly experienced and extremely talented to meet your desired needs. Transform your business, and become of the leading companies in the market with our quality services.


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Your needs are first heard and analysed in depth by our team of experts to give you the desired results. You can work in close association with our expert’s seamlessly with almost no efforts from your side.

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The media market has taken over the market with a big bang. It is the best and most effective tool to target a large audience. The digital market has tremendous potential to increase your sales. Brand loyalty is only possible with effective use of digital media combined with the perfect Public relation strategy. Sparkles9 Media is India’s leading media platform which has an experience of more than four years under its belt. We have a team of the best professional experts who take care of all aspects of media, from online digital marketing, social media marketing, film promotions, film publicity, and celebrity management.

We have been closely associated with the Marathi film industry and organized its major events. Whether it is a launch of the film posters, song release, film publicity or film promotions, we provide services for it all. We have also executed other major events seamlessly with great success, setting up new trends in the entertainment marketing industry

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Prasad Oak


Dhanashri Kadgaonkar


Madhavi Nemkar


Abhijit Guru


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Sheetal Ahirrao


Mr.Ketan Aghade

Founder & CEO-SwatiSai Branding

Sparkles9 media has an excellent team of digital marketing experts. The team is knowledgeable and committed to supporting every project. They have crafted the best digital marketing strategy which has bought a number of positive developments in the company’s growth and success.

Dr. Rohan Patil

Orthopedic Surgeons, Pune

Sparkles9 media team has bought immense success to our events. The first-class arrangements and implementation of every aspect of the corporate event were carried out by the team proficiently and efficiently. We could not have had such a successful event without the perfect planning and implantation of your team.

Mr Nilesh Naik

Owner Encore

A big thank you to the Sparkles9 media team for the most unique, innovate and well-planned event that they organised for the science conference. It was an absolute pleasure working with the Sparkles9 media dedicated team of professionals who have not only put together a good science conference but indeed a great one.

Mr. Yogesh Kulkarni

Film Director

Sparkles9 media ideas really blew us away. It was highly innovative, creative and unique. As leading experts in Film PR, they really proved their worth. It was a stress-free, seamless experience working with the Sparkles9 media team, for a successful film promotional events.

Mr. Yogesh Bhosale

Film Director

I hired Sparkles9 media as a PR firm for my corporate. Based on my recent experience with the team of Sparkles9 media I can say that I was highly impressed by their services. Their fabulous work gave us huge success and best results.

Dr. Saurabh Jain

Celebrity Stylist, Mumbai

Our experience with Sparkles9 media team has been fantastic. I struggle to keep my brand in the limelight and increase its loyalty, hence I hire the services of Sparkles9 media. They worked with a great strategy for brand management and met my needs to develop and promote my brand in a highly competitive market. The results I gained was far beyond my expectations.

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